Summit18 Schedule

    Thursday March 22, 2018

    8:00 - 8:30a Welcome & Registration                                Summit18 agenda is subject to change.
    8:45 - 9:45a

    Keynote - Afterburner
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    9:45a - 10:00a


    Location Savannah Marquis Sterling Charleston
      Track 1


    Tommie Anderson

    Track 2


    Andy Burns

    Track 3

    Strategy & Innovation

    Brad Brezinski

    Track 4

    Business/Industry Essentials

    Mike Willey

    Morning Tracks

    10:00a - 11:30a

    Relevant Project Management for Changing Times (10:00 - 11:00a)

    Ashima Sharma, VP, Retail Lending Project Management Office, PNC Bank

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    SAFe Portfolio Management

    Brian Levy, CEO, RomeAgile &
    Robert Frohman, Agility Office Head, Security Business Group, Cisco

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    Get S#*t Done Like a Startup (10:25 - 11:25a)

    Tarek Kamil, CEO, Cerkl

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    Leading Change in an Agile World

    Amber Steedle, SVP, Senior Director, Agile, Fifth Third Bank

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    11:30a - 12:30p Lunch
    Afternoon Tracks

    12:30p - 1:30p

    Cynefin Framework for Decision Making

    Dave Hatter, Director, Illustrations Development, Ohio National Financial Services

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    Transformation to Agile

    Charlie Slaven, Professor of Practice, Department of Business Informatics, Northern Kentucky University

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    Experience Change Mini-Simulation (12:35p - 3:05p)

    Dr. Lynda Kilbourne, Professor, Management & Entrepreneurship, Williams College of Business, Xavier University

    ID# 20180322-Strategy-02 | PDUs: 2.5

    Business Case - Good & Bad

    Paul Gelter, CAO, The Christ Hospital Health Network

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    1:30p - 3:00p

    Lessons on Critical Leadership Behaviors from Agile and PM-2

    Tim Kloppenborg,
    Professor Emeritus,
     and Marcie Lensges, Assistant Professor, Xavier University

    ID# 20180322-Leader-3 | PDUs: 1.5

    Rapid Planning

    Brandon "Manson" Williams, Executive Consultant
    F-15E Fighter Pilot, T-38 & Charles Payne, Client Advisor, Major Accounts, 

    ID# 20180322-Tech-3 | PDUs: 1.5

    Diversity + Collaboration = Innovation (starts at 2:00p)

    Wendy Lea, CEO, Cintrifuse

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    3:00p - 3:15p Break

    Afternoon Tracks

    3:15p - 4:15p

    Influential Leadership in Project and Program Management

    Josh Wiffler, Program and Project Leadership, Veritiv

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    Getting More Out of Your Retrospectives

    Cynthia Mobley, Epsilon

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    “So… what do I do now?” Finding everyone’s place in a new initiative (3:20 - 4:20p)

    Julie Glassmeyer, Owner, Glassmeyer Construction Consulting & Coaching

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    Communicate Early and Often: IS in all Phases

    Matt King, Director, Global IT Security, Belcan

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    4:15p - 5:15p Happy Hour - Meet the Speakers and Sponsors

    Friday March 23, 2018

    8:00a - 9:30a

    Lifetime Achievement Award - Charlie Slaven

    Transformational Leadership….and The Skills it Takes to be Successful  - Women in Leadership Panel Discussion 
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    Summit18 agenda is subject to change.


    Valerie Browning, Center Director, Kiddie Academy of Mason

    Trish Fielden, CSM, MBA, Senior Vice President - Head of Transformation and Ops Excellence, Fifth Third Bank

    Sydni Neptune, PMP, PMO Director, Western & Southern Financial Group 

    Karen Tate, PMP, MBA, PMI Fellow, President, The Griffin Tate Group, Inc.

    Facilitators: Andrew Tarvin, Summit18 Keynote, Humor That Works | Beth Hecquet, CMP, CMM, The E.W. Scripps Company

    9:30a - 9:40a


    Location Savannah Marquis Sterling Charleston
      Track 1


    Tommie Anderson


    Track 2


    Andy Burns

    Track 3

    Strategy & Innovation

    Brad Brezinski

    Track 4

    Business/Industry Essentials

    Mike Willey

    Morning Tracks

    9:40a - 10:40a

    Working in a World of Ambiguity

    Troy Bitter, Sogeti

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    Agile Workshop

    Andy Burns

    ID# 20180323-Tech-1 | PDU: 1

    Delivering the Strategy:  Lessons Learned on How to Execute

    Joe Lockett, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Cincinnati Bell

    ID# 20180323-Strategy-1 | PDU: 1

    Project Planning in the Military

    Zachary Willey, Founder and CEO, Army Flashcards

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    10:40a - 10:50a Break

    Morning Tracks

    10:50a - 11:50a

    Authentic Leadership

    Amy Zimmerman, Account Executive, Veritiv Corporation at DXC Technology

    ID# 20180323-Leader-2 | PDU: 1

    Leadership in an Agile Environment

    Frank Forte, Forte Leadership Technology

    ID# 20180323-Tech-2 | PDU: 1

    Creating Innovative Solutions

    Holly O'Driscoll, Global Design Thinking Leader, Founder & CEO at Ampersand Innovation, LLC

    ID# 20180323-Strategy-02 | PDU: 1

    Developing a Sustainable Portfolio Prioritization Process

    Brian Daniel, Director, IT Strategic Planning at The Christ Hospital Health Network

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    11:50a - 12:50p Lunch

    Afternoon Tracks

    12:50p - 1:50p

    Leadership When a Project Crashes

    Dave Davis, Ohio Healthcare

    ID# 20180323-Leader-3 | PDU: 1

    Facilitation Fitness

    Mark Wavle, PST, CBAP, Cardinal Solutions

    ID# 20180323-Tech-3 | PDU: 1

    The Silent Killer of Strategic Effectiveness

    Brad Brezinski, Founder, S2A

    ID# 20180323-Strategy-3 | PDU: 1

    Being Right Doesn't Make you Effective

    Kevin Willey, Kroger Executive in Residence, Cintrifuse

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    1:50p - 3:30p

    Closing Keynote - Andrew Tarvin, Humor That Works - The Secret to Being More Productive, Less Stressed, and Happier
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